BYPS Football Tournament 2021

First match - Friday 13th Aug, 18:00
Second match - Saturday 14th Aug, 18:00
Reserved day - Sunday 15th Aug, 18:00 (just in case, we need to postpone the earlier games)

The final match and the BYPS grill fest will be spotted on a different date. The winner team will be the best of three games. Every match is decisive therefore winner must be decided.

Red vs Blue

Goal keeper: Shamsil vs Tanim
Defender 1: Parveg vs Zahid
Defender 2: Dipu vs Kabir
Defender 3: Shamsul vs Babu
Defender 4: Milton vs Topon
Midfielder 1: Sohan vs Rupom
Midfielder 2: Saumen vs Sanju
Right wing: Rusho vs Shahed
Left wing: Roni vs Badal
Striker: Bashir vs Choton

BYPS picnic 2021

We want to thank you all to make our Picnic event so much fun. Your participation and joyful faces cherished us deeply. Although, we used to have bigger gatherings but this one was special, having to see you all after a long time. We have come to know many new things about each other after all these times. All of it were wonderful. This time, special thanks to everyone.