BYPS Football Tournament 2021

First match - Friday 13th Aug, 18:00
Second match - Saturday 14th Aug, 18:00
Reserved day - Sunday 15th Aug, 18:00 (just in case, we need to postpone the earlier games)

The final match and the BYPS grill fest will be spotted on a different date. The winner team will be the best of three games. Every match is decisive therefore winner must be decided.

Red vs Blue

Goal keeper: Shamsil vs Tanim
Defender 1: Parveg vs Zahid
Defender 2: Dipu vs Kabir
Defender 3: Shamsul vs Babu
Defender 4: Milton vs Topon
Midfielder 1: Sohan vs Rupom
Midfielder 2: Saumen vs Sanju
Right wing: Rusho vs Shahed
Left wing: Roni vs Badal
Striker: Bashir vs Choton