BYPS picnic 2021

We want to thank you all to make our Picnic event so much fun. Your participation and joyful faces cherished us deeply. Although, we used to have bigger gatherings but this one was special, having to see you all after a long time. We have come to know many new things about each other after all these times. All of it were wonderful. This time, special thanks to everyone.

Pandemic - Latest from Uppsala Kommun

It is more important now than ever to hold on and persevere. From 1 June, a number of reliefs will be introduced gradually (as long as there is no dramatic increase in infection).

From the 1st of June we now get:

  • Visit restaurants and bars until 22.30 with alcohol serving until 22.00
  • Be 50 people at indoor events, if there are seats. If not, the maximum number is still eight people.
  • 100 people at outdoor events. And 500 if there are seats. There are special exceptions for exercise races where 150 people are allowed to gather.
  • Go to camp and camp activities for children and participate in smaller competitions (also applies to adults, outdoors).
  • Markets and amusement parks can open with special regulations.

Bangladesh Independence Day - 26th of March

In the 1970 Pakistani general election under the military government of President Yahya Khan, the largest political party Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won a clear majority in East Pakistan national seats as well as provincial assembly. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto conspired with Yahya Khan and changed their position, refusing to hand over power to Sheikh Mujib. When it became clear that promises given earlier were not going to followed through, the whole nation of Bangla-speaking Muslims and Hindus of East Pakistan began a spirited struggle for independence. On 7 March 1971 Sheikh Mujib gave his famous speech at the Ramna Race course where he called for a non-cooperation movement.

Authorities, mostly west Pakistani personnel rounded up Bengali armed forces officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel. Forced disappearances went rampant. On the evening of 25 March in an interview with David Frost, Sheikh Mujib still called out openly for negotiation and a united Pakistan. That night the Pakistan Army spilled out to the streets killing and started Operation Searchlight. It was official, they were not ready for a peaceful transfer of political power to the Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The Independence of Bangladesh was declared on 26 March 1971 at the first watch by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Another declaration was read out on 27 March 1971, by Major Ziaur Rahman, on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Major Zia (who was also a BDF Sector Commander of Sector 1 and later of Sector 11) raised an independent Z Force brigade., Chittagong and the guerilla struggle officially began. The people of Bangladesh then took part in a war to get independence from Pakistan. Independence of Bangladesh was gained through a nine-month guerilla war against the Pakistan Army, and their collaborators including paramilitary Razakars which resulted in the death of about 3 million people, as per Awami league and Indian sources, in the Bangladesh War of Independence and Bangladesh Genocide. The BDF, later with military support from India defeated the Pakistan Army ending the war on 16 December 1971 after the Surrender of Pakistan.

Celebrating International Mother Language Day – 21st of February

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of language and cultural diversity all across the world. It was first announced by UNESCO on November 17, 1999. Since then it is being celebrated every year.

The date represents the day 21st February 1952 when four young students (Salam, Barkat, Rafiq Jabbar and more) were killed in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, because of Bengali and Urdu language controversy. Because of this unfortunate incident, International Mother Language Day is celebrated in all over the world, while it is a public holiday in Bangladesh.

Due to Covid situation we plane to celebrate “International Mother Language Day” from home with our children. Let out children draw some painting related to this event. BYPS will provide paints and papers at your place.