Happy New Year 2021

A very warm welcome to the new year 2021. This year BYPS has taken steps towards digitalization. The idea is to keep information easily accessible to all our members and others.

What it means for us?
  • A member upon registration will receive a Meddelande Code which he/she must use when paying to our BG account. This will give us the opportunity to maintain a list of paid members.
  • Anyone can apply for registration through our register page but a verified BYPS Executive Member must verify that person.
  • If you should get money from BYPS, you can add a receipt with the amount you should get back from us.

What are the Roles?
  • Unverified users can only upload their pictures and edit their basic details.
  • Verified members can access BYPS constitution and add receipts.
  • Verified Executive Members can verify users and all of the above.
  • President and General Secretary can update our website content (i.e., Blogs), invite new members, approve membership payments, approve receipts, and all of the above.